Power Yoga for Sports: Gain a Competitive Edge

More and more pro teams (i.e., the New York Giants, The New York Yankees, and the Philadelphia Eagles) are incorporating sun salutations and tree pose into their training regimens, helping them to optimize their athletic performance.

 As an athlete, whether professional or amateur, you likely put a tremendous amount of stress on yourself, both physically and mentally—repeating the same movements over-and-over, creating asymmetries in your body, and striving to be the best at your sport.  As an avid sports fan, former Division I athlete and Power Yoga for Sports coach, I understand how yoga can relieve such stress and optimize your athletic performance – increasing your power, focus, strength, flexibility, balance and resistance to and recovery from injury. 

I work with athletes of all ages and abilities, ranging from kids to pros.  When working with athletes, I get to know your specific sport and roles within that sport before designing a unique Power Yoga for Sports program to meet your individualized needs and/or those of your teammates. 

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