The Bodhi Blueprint: A 6-Week Personal Wellness Program


Whether you need to make a huge transformation or small shift(s) in your life, this 360-degree wellness program will provide you with the tools needed to integrate healthy practices into your REAL life to awaken and discover the healthiest, happiest, and most authentic version of yourself.  

This is not just a diet or an exercise program.  We believe achieving your optimal health and happiness requires you to look at your “whole person."  Accordingly, this 6-week (40 day) program takes an integrative approach to wellness, combining movement, meditation, nutrition, and mindfulness and self-inquiry tools in a thoughtful and systematic way –  encouraging you to shed unwanted habits and replace them with healthy ones that will help you uncover and unleash your true potential.  

When you sign up for the remote program, you will receive easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance and substantial support that you can use throughout and long after this life-transforming program.  

The Remote program includes:

  • Week-by-week steps (or stages) toward your personal wellness revolution;
  • Weekly group check-ins on Facebook Live where you will set goals and inspire each other to commit to this life-changing process; 
  • Guidance on cultivating and maintaining a regular yoga and fitness regime; yoga and functional fitness video practices for you to keep;
  • Instructions on how to start and commit to a daily meditation practice; meditation podcasts;
  • Guidance to bring awareness around your eating patterns, cleanse yourself of your bad habits and replace them with a healthy, nutritious eating plan;
  • 7 day mild cleanse. This is an amazing way to reset, give your digestive system a rest, and lighten your body.  
  • Self-inquiry and discussion questions as well as resources to help you weed out limiting beliefs and patterns and replace them with healthy and mindful ones;
  • A Facebook community of program participants and alumni to connect with you and encourage you on this journey;

Whether you are ready to start your personal revolution or just want to learn more, let's chat!

Our second online program launches on July 9, 2018.  

$99 Early Bird Special (before June 9, 2018)

$129 BOGO (buy one get one free, two for the price of one, however you want to look at it :))

$129 (on or after June 9, 2018)

Email for more information or sign up now.