"What you seek is seeking you."


My goal is to help YOU, whether you are an elite athlete, entrepreneur, stressed-out student, or new mom, to identify healthy practices that work for YOU and to integrate those practices into your REAL, everyday life…so you can discover the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. 

All of my movement-related offerings -- from Power Yoga for Sports to Prenatal Yoga and my signature Bŏdhi Blueprint Program to Yoga Challenge Pose Workshops and Bridal Bootcamps -- are rooted in vinyasa, breath synchronized movement.  And, as a “modern” yogini, I infuse the discipline, connectivity, and awareness taught in a traditional vinyasa yoga practice into all of my offerings, but always put a vibrant, playful, relatable and fast-paced spin on these teachings.

As a health coach, I offer a similar relatable and interdisciplinary, holistic approach.  My health coaching services are designed to create awareness, provide education, and cultivate conversation surrounding your personal wellness journey.  I serve as a guide through your transition into a more balanced, healthy version of yourself.   But ultimately, we work together (as teammates) to identify your personal goals and create a custom designed roadmap to your success. 

I love what I do and live what I teach (which means you will often times see me playing on my hands in public places, sharing my favorite safe and healthy toddler products, or experimenting with new gluten-free REAL food recipes).  I am thrilled to connect with and share my offerings with you!


I offer private and semi-private yoga, functional fitness and wellness sessions as well as workshops, bootcamps, and programs—in person in the Sarasota, Florida area, around the world, and online.  Or, want me to come teach at your office or an upcoming event? I am happy to bring my offerings to you there too...

I also offer health coaching services, assisting you in identifying your wellness goals and then in making gradual and reasonable changes to your eating habits, physical activities, and stress management in order to reach them.

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And, let's chat! Contact me to book me for a workshop, event, to work together one-on-one, or to discuss packages and pricing that works for you.