Art + Asana: An Art-infused Yoga Practice

Join the three L’s, Lauren + Laine + Lisa, for our collaborative series, Art + Asana: An Art-infused Yoga Practice.

This experience pairs the contemporary art of Laine Nixon and Lisa L. Frechette with my signature Modern Vinyasa yoga flows. This 90-minute experience opens with a brief offering of an abstract painting for yogis to experience, followed by a mixed-level Modern Vinyasa (flow yoga) class. At the end of class, yogis will be invited into a meditative reflection of the painting, and later, a short artist talk. A light nutritious snack will also be provided for those who would like to linger with the L's a little longer.

“In Art + Asana an abstract painting is used as a catalyst for transformational meditation and yoga.  What a unique journey into the inner self.  

- Amoriyah